I started coding when I was 13 and it's still my biggest hobby. Since then, I developed various applications for Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms. I’ve worked as an IT specialist and technician for 6 years until 2008 to make my living, however programming was my driving passion.

By the age of 17, I realized the possibilities in software are limited by the hardware. So I decided to study electronics at university. During that time, I spent one year working part-time in the biggest microelectronics company in Turkey “Aselsan”. That was an amazing experience and it gave me the chance to understand how difficult and expensive producing something in the hardware world is. This caused my decision to move back to my main expertise “programming” (where all you need is basically a laptop) to produce as much as I can in the short period of time that I have in this life.

My first backend language was Classic ASP :) Then, I spent a fair bit of time with PHP and C#. But recently I'm in love with Javascript. We have developed a good, stable relationship.

Main Focuses & Confidence

Javascript (10+ years)

Typescript (4+ years)

ReactJS (6+ years)

NodeJS (7+ years)

Jest (5+ years)

MongoDB (10+ years)

PHP (7+ years)


Docker (6+ years)

Docker Swarm (6+ years)

CI/CD (6+ years)

AWS (1+ years)

My Open Source Projects

I love contributing on open source. Here are couple of projects that I'm proud of.


May 2020 - still
LisanJS Logo

A blazing fast and super small i18n library for Javascript. It provides all essential tooling to have multiple languages in your applications and format numbers, currencies, ordinals & dates based on locale.

npm, Typescript, NodeJS, Jest, Coveralls, i18n, Docusaurus, Lerna


May 2018 - still
VSCode Surround Logo

A simple yet powerful VSCode extension to add wrapper snippets around your code blocks which got 94K+ installs so far.

VSCode, Typescript, Github


Oct 2017 - still
read-env library weekly downloads

A small javascript library to help developers to sanitize their environment variables. It's getting 175K+ weekly downloads at the moment

npm, Typescript, NodeJS, Jest, Coveralls

Some Experiences

Full-Stack Engineer Consultant

July 2021 - June 2022

I was part of the In-Store Experience team and worked on improving the in-store feature in the Klarna Mobile App and related backend services. I also took charge to prepare our backend services for Black Friday & Christmas holidays where we expected huge traffic increase and did the load & performance tests. I gave a talk about software testing in my domain's tech sessions.

React Native, Typescript, MostJS (Reactive Programming), NodeJS, Jest, Datadog, Splunk, Sentry, Jenkins

2020 & 2021 Update:

During 2020, I wanted to take a break and spent most of the year working on my own projects. Even though most of them were open source projects, last year, my main drive was a game project. I developed a web game as a passion project. It's a PWA and I'm about to publish it soon to app stores as a TWA and launch the website.

Some of the technologies I've used: Typescript, ReactJS,, NodeJS, Jest, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, Docker Swarm, AWS, Traefik & Gitlab-CI. The game has single player and multiplayer modes. The game is currently on closed-beta but feel free to ask for an early access or for a demonstration.

Blockchain Core Developer

Jul 2018 - Dec 2019

I was a member of Lisk Core team and mainly worked to implement Lisk Improvement Proposals to the lisk-sdk and lisk-core blockchain application. I also took role to improve the testing suite and quality of the tests.

Lisk, Blockchain, Typescript, NodeJS, Jest, Mocha, Jenkins

Full Stack Developer

May 2018 - Jun 2018

In my brief time, I was lucky enough to learn how micro payments with crypto currencies could power our daily lives, what are the security risks and how to solve them.

Stellar, Typescript, React, Redux, Webpack, Babel, NodeJS, Material UI, Jest, AWS, Kubernetes

Full Stack Developer

Dec 2016 - Apr 2018

Mainly working as Frontend Developer, sometimes dealing with Symfony PHP Framework, rarely (when DevOps guy is not there) helping DevOps.

React, Redux, Webpack, Babel, NodeJS, Material UI, Jest, Ava, Istanbul, Selenium, Jenkins, Salt, AWS

Team Lead & Tech Lead

Sep 2013 - Aug 2016

Started as PHP Developer. After two months, took the responsibility of leading the PHP Team, and during the last year, mainly worked as Tech Lead and was managing all development departments.

jQuery, Bootstrap 3, PHP, .NET C#, Yii, Laravel, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DigitalOcean, Teamsite, SiteCore

Full Stack Developer

Jan 2012 - Sep 2013

Mainly worked on third-party application integrations with the CRM API using PHP Zend Framework, Sencha ExtJS. Also developed Android and .NET desktop applications.

jQuery, ExtJS, Bootstrap 3, PHP, Zend 1, .NET C#, MySQL, MongoDB, PhoneGap